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CASE STUDY: Sales Enablement Strategy

Amex Logo-3

The world's leading provider of corporate payment solutions was looking to ensure they stay at the forefront of the market. Doing so requires insights into how to best enable a 5,000+ global field force.

We supported sales enablement leadership by leveraging research and insights from Brevet's Sales Enablement Maturity Model. Using our proprietary database, we conducted an assessment and benchmark study on leading and emerging sales enablement practices. 

Our perspective and recommendations guided leadership to make significant investments in their enablement operations, redesign organizational structures, and refined key workflows with other functions. All while maintaining a focus on the core metrics that drive sales.


BDO Logo-1

As one of the world's premier professional services firm, BDO delivers assurance, tax, and advisory services to clients around the globe. We have worked in close partnership with senior leadership to support the firm's multi-year growth strategy.

Our focus has been strengthening BDO's business development culture, processes, and skillsets. We created the firm's first sales methodology, customized to meet the needs of BDO's unique partner-led sales model. This approach supported a focused on elevating the conversation with sophisticated decision-makers and navigating complex, consensus-driving buying journeys.

In addition, we created a wide range of highly tailored training programs, including a year-long coaching and development academy for new partners. Other projects have included development of go-to-market strategies for new practices, business developer compensation and role design, and major pursuit coaching. During our partnership, firm revenue has more than doubled thanks to higher win rates, larger deal sizes, and expansion into new markets.

BDO Image


  Ironman Logo

Brevet's growth transformation work with the Competitor Group, which owned the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series as well as other sports media assets, helped secure the transaction of the organization to Ironman. 

We worked with the executive team and equity ownership to advise on a broader growth transformation. The goal was to maximize the potential of the core Rock 'n' Roll series brand as well as the supporting media property brands that included Women's Running, Triathlete, and VeloNews. 

Our work identified a number of growth opportunities within the media business. We also focused on strategies to improve results through better sales execution in the sponsorship and registration businesses. This included more targeted sales deployment, greater sales accountability, and improved sales messaging.

The results of our engagement enabled the Competitor Group to transact at an attractive value for the equity ownership team.


Provista Logo

Provista is the leading group purchasing and supply chain operations management organization in the non-acute space.

Selling into this market is complex. The Provista sales team is met with numerous competitive forces - commoditization and channel confusion coupled with sophisticated procurement and supply chain operations. The sales team needed a differentiated approach to the market.

An adaptive, situational methodology was needed to address the many changing deal factors. Our training program focused on helping the reps identify the key deal factors, prioritize and interpret the situation, and build better pursuit strategies. This situational process ultimately generates better customer results.

Our work significantly enhanced strategic selling skills across the team, resulting in more sales process discipline and more effective customer-facing messaging. This highly customized program also provided the basis for launching a formal sales enablement organization. Sales results have continued to outpace the competition.



Waste Mang Logo

Waste Management is the leading provider of environmental solutions in the country. Their large field sales team works with numerous municipalities and businesses to support business operations while maintaining a focus on the environment.

Brevet worked with HR leadership to conduct a detailed review of the company's sales compensation programs. Conducting such a review requires a deep-dive into a large and complex sales organization with many different customer-facing motions.

Our work equipped HR leadership with the strategy and data insights to partner with sales leadership in a thoughtful update of incentive plans. The recommended changes enhanced plan designs and improved field communication effectiveness. Overall results improved the alignment between field behaviors and the key business value drivers.


Westen Union Logo

Western Union, 100+ year financial services organization, faces disruption on many fronts. Growth is contingent on digital innovations and expanding their independent agent channel.

Brevet collaborated with sales leadership to design, build, and deploy a custom sales methodology to improve field rep effectiveness.

Our program focused on equipping field teams with new and improved strategies and tactics to drive growth within the independent agent channel. The methodology included tools for helping reps plan their territories and prioritize accounts. It also introduced and trained key selling skills. Additional tools and training were provided to field leaders to help them coach the new methodology.

In addition to improving new agent activations, our customized sales methodology helped establish an enhanced corporate sales enablement function. 



worldpay logo

The world leader in global payment solutions has grown through many acquisitions over the last 5 years. These transactions have forced the sales organization to rationalize numerous sales roles and compensation design practices as they seek to build synergies.

Working with the sales compensation leader, we advised on a key plan design parameters. We teamed with sales, HR, and finance across the various segments of the complex organization to build support for the design changes.

Our work has resulted in improved role clarity and competency requirements, continued consolidation in the number of plan designs, improved cost of sales, and gains in administration and plan governance efficiency. 



Aflac Logo

Aflac, America’s most recognized provider of supplemental insurance, was at an inflection point within their distribution strategy. A very entrepreneurial and grass roots field team needed to evaluate its sophistication to meet the changing employer and consumer needs during the launch of the Affordable Care Act.

We partnered with Aflac to develop their first Aflac Sales Academy, a role based, robust curriculum and certification process that covered all roles from first-time seller to sales leadership.

We partnered with them to build 200+ training assets to support the seller’s journey through academy. Curriculum assets included videos, instructor led classroom, product tip sheets, eLearning, sales kickoff materials, recruiting and learning assessments. In addition, we redesigned their field selling guides to help agents navigate a more complex environment.

In addition to the field strategy, we supported the stand-up of a broker focused team that has tasked with working with the top insurance brokers and penetrating the Fortune 500.In the first year, the Sales Academy drove several positive outcomes including 8% incremental premium growth, shortened ramp time by 33%, seller retention increased 16pts, increased seller recruitment (14%)



Avante Logo

Avante Health Solutions makes it easier and more affordable for every hospital, clinic, and medical practice to have the very best equipment, supplies, and service. We partnered with the company as they worked to integrate three sales teams into one organization.

The strategic objective was to transform the sales function to better meet the needs the changing healthcare market while optimizing call points. Working with senior leadership, our team lead the integration work to define the market opportunity, segment the current account base, build new territories, align team members, refine compensation programs, deploy quotas, and allocate targets.  

Our proprietary approach to territory design and data management has given the team new insights into the market opportunity. The transformation has driven a more balanced selling approach. Allowing the reps to go deeper and broader into the market.



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (a Guidewell entity) is a thought leader in healthcare, insurance and wellness market. As a market leader, BCBSFL identified a need to quickly scale field-based retail team members as well as their commercial team on selling skills, tactics, and messages

We partnered with BCBSFL to launch a video certification process in which reps would complete a video simulation associated with key milestones of the customer journey – from consumer outreach to broker conversations, to employer business coverage reviews.

We developed a simulation curriculum based on real selling challenges that leveraged technology to automate workflows and scale the simulation. Sellers progressed through the curriculum by executing a series of recorded role plays.

Sales leaders were trained to coach and inspect the certification process. The simulation certification process became embedded within new hire, product and process launch cycles. Seller effectiveness improved as measure through role specific results as well as post simulation surveys.

Blue Cross Blue Shield



Brookdale is the largest senior living provider in the US with more than 1,200 sales professionals. The complex decision process related to senior care creates many barriers for buyers. Working with senior leadership, we redefined the customer journey and how that comes to life in the sales experience.

Our focus was on positioning the sales team as guides for the decision process. This included new conversation tools, messages, and sales experiences designed to educate and align all influencers through the consensus-driven sales process. We deployed the program over six months using a highly structured process.

New concepts were first introduced by leadership, then shared with front-line coaches before sales reps were trained. The strategy also included a complete set of reinforcement and coaching tools. Key sales metrics saw significant improvement, including double-digit increases in close rates. Greater consistency in sales execution and quality coaching driven by the program also decreased rep turnover more than 10%.


Centene Logo

Centene recently acquired Wellcare. As part of the integration, Distribution leadership identified an opportunity to improve the field team’s (~700 sellers) capabilities to execute outreach motions in a virtual environment. Developing a virtual skillset for the field team was critical to executing a successful annual enrollment period.

Our work focused on building a methodology for field team members to execute to work lead lists within their community through virtual touchpoints. A significant emphasis was on increasing the digital skillset and the telephonic sales conversation for traditional field sellers. Curriculum also included a dedicated focus to help sales leaders coach to the methodology

Our program included customized skill modules, job aids and tools to support field execution, including embedding new technology and quote processes. Our program led to an increase in cross-sell production and the most successful AEP in the company’s history in which they saw market share gains across their various markets

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Centers Healthcare


CHCare Logo

Centers Health Care is a leading post-acute health care provider in the Northeast US. They provide services in a highly disrupted, quickly changing market.

After implementing an off-the-shelf sales training program, senior leadership recognized major gaps in sales management execution. This included a lack of a consistent management process and sales coaching skills. Sales managers acted more as individual contributors – taking over opportunities, not leading their teams.

We designed and implemented our Sales Leader Effectiveness Program that tailored the sales leadership methodology to their sales model. Through live sessions, virtual reinforcement sessions, and practical tools we worked with directly sales leaders.

Our program and strategy set the structure for a consistent management cadence and coaching framework. Managers were more equipped with right mindset, skills, and tools to support their team’s growth. More importantly they were able to lead a more disciplined sales management approach as the backbone for growth. As a result, sales improved but so did employee retention and accuracy and transparency into forecasting.


Concentra Logo

The leading provider of occupational healthcare solutions was seeking a way to elevate their sales rep conversations. We collaborated to develop an enablement tool that would equip their reps to facilitate broader business discussions with an employer.

Partnering with marketing, Brevet built a customized web application that allowed field sales to benchmark an employer's workplace injury and onsite clinic programs against best-in-class. Combined with new messaging, the tool guiding the sales team in delivering more strategic customer conversations. The data from the tool linked with their CRM, providing field insights and further enhancements to their health benchmarking capabilities. 

This new messaging approach and tool were rolled out through a series of training workshops. As a result, sales team effectiveness with B2B buyers has dramatically increased, especially the ability to sell broader and more complex solutions.

Sales Messaging


Delta Dental Logo-1
Delta Dental is the nation's leading dental insurance provider. The company literally invented the concept of dental insurance back in 1954. As a market leader, Delta Dental saw an opportunity to further innovate by growing membership through a Direct-to-Consumer sales model. A licensed inside sales team would be responsible for executing the sales process to enroll individuals.

The approach would leverage an omni-channel experience that incorporated their digital marketing presence. Working with sales leadership, we built a custom sales methodology that reflects the unique aspects of their sales motion. This work included adaptive sales plays within a structured process as well as tailored messaging.

We supported the rollout of the new methodology with a blending learning strategy that included live workshops, podcast-style reinforcement modules, and coaching tools. Our approach has led to a dramatic increase in lead conversion rates and overall sales volume. Thanks to ongoing reinforcement support, sales KPIs continue to rise.


Case Study

Humana's commercial business services small, medium, and large employers across the country. With nearly 500 sales professionals, Humana was seeking a differentiated approach to engage their broker channel sales partners. 

To differentiate themselves with brokers, Humana sought to be viewed as a provider of broader wellness solutions, moving beyond the traditional view of health insurance. 

Working with sales training, sales operations, and field sales leaders, we built a customized training program. The new sales process leveraged employer insights to elevate the conversation with brokers. Our program scaled across the geographic teams and to different roles servicing the employers. The methodology and messages were custom built to reflect Humana's positioning and value.

Our program has become the benchmark in the organization for learning programs and continues to generate positive results. Advanced training programs have been added to supplement the core program, further enhancing the effectiveness of the core methodology.

Sales Process Training
Compensation Structure


Oak Street Logo

Oak Street Health is an emerging player in senior healthcare market focused on preventive medicine and quality of care over volume. Oak Street is experiencing significant growth and needed realign their call centers, as they double their headcount resources and triple their revenue.

We provided a full sales compensation audit of their existing plans and designed and modeled the new compensation plans for the future call center organization. Our designs included multiple levels of front-line sellers, team leads, supervisors and management roles.

As a result of the benchmark analysis, Oak Street Health increased their overall compensation structure to achieve their aggressive hiring goals and recruit the best of the best in the market. In addition, our new incentive plan is simplified, maintains cost of sales, and improves the line-of-sight reward for high performing individuals, while driving overall patient volume goals.




Brooks Logo

Brooks is the industry leader in performance running footwear and apparel. Superior innovation, product, and marketing continue to propel this brand forward. The sales strategy is critical to delivering on a brand promise that exceeds the competition. 

With one of the most tenured sales team in the industry, Brooks was looking to innovative its sales model. The goal was to maintain their competitive advantage while accelerating growth. Sales compensation is a key lever to ensure sales delivers on aggressive targets.

Brevet worked with HR and sales leadership to design and model critical compensation design changes. Our team's recommendations drove improvements in the broader sales talent structure and incentive design decisions. The result has been continued growth for a industry leader. 

Sales Compensation
Sales Compensation


dk Logo

As one of the top companies in the industry, dormakaba offers a wide range of high-quality products, solutions, and services for secure access to buildings and rooms from a single source. Through the years, dormakaba has consolidated 8 unique businesses into 5 focused organizations while harmonizing similar roles within and across those 5 organizations.

As part of many workstreams, the Brevet Group worked with business leaders, HR, Finance and IT to assess the current compensation framework for over 80+ roles across all businesses. Over a 6-week period and 20+ workshops, the Brevet Group consolidated numerous roles, simplified the number of plans all while providing data and goals to measure at lower level of influence such as account or region.

In addition, almost 50% of the organization has a top and bottom-line component. The Brevet Group mapped ~400 individuals from current to new plan and provided talking points and FAQ for each person and continued to simplify the communication and administration of the plan through consistent framework and documentation.


Flexco Logo

Flexco is a global leader in conveyor belts who has grown significantly in the past decade. As the company’s offerings and growth goals expand, leadership asked us to assess their sales compensation program.

Through design workshops, we transitioned the sales team from a ‘one size fits all’ commission plan to a goal-based plan, aligned to each territory. The plan significantly rewards high performers for achievement of goals and the growth of strategic products.

For the first time in company history, the sales quotas align with the overall corporate objectives. During implementation, we provided definitions, formalized plan documentation and policies for the organization. Since inception of the plan, the majority of the sales team is achieving their product and territory goals, while reducing the cost of sales.

Sales Training


Case Study

Leviton is the largest privately held manufacturer of electrical wiring equipment in North America. Boosted by a series of new product innovations and product expansions, the company sought to elevate its sales effectiveness. 

We supported the company through a series of engagements aimed at helping their internal and distributor teams sell more total solutions in the changing market. Our work included sales coaching and management training to improve field execution and effectiveness. New training and skill concepts were also embedded into product launches and new hire onboarding. A channel partner training program also extended the training to the company's larger sales ecosystem.

As a result of these efforts, the company's sales success continues in a highly-competitive marketplace. The strategies also improved alignment across the firm's global network of channel partners.


Case Study

The leading provider of infrastructure solutions is a model for continuous improvement initiatives across it's diversified field operations. A new growth strategy was developed from these initiatives that led to redefinition of a number of customer-facing roles. 

More focused field sales roles were freed from estimating and administrative tasks to be more focused on new business generation. To implement this transition, Brevet partnered with HR and sales leaders to build new sales compensation programs to motivate and reward the right selling behaviors. We also developed a quota assignment methodology to ensure the program aligned economically. Finally, we supported a multi-media communication strategy to build field awareness and buy-in to the new plan.

Our program was met with excitement in the field and delivered a positive ROI within the first quarter of implementation.

Sales Compensation
Sales Compensation


Case Study

Pelican has grown from the niche scuba dive market into an industry leader in industrial cases and protective equipment. 

Sales compensation and quota setting has played a critical role in driving the growth transformation, helping to build both a leading consumer and commercial brand.

Selling through numerous direct segments and channel partners creates complexity in defining sales roles, objectives, and compensation levels. Working with HR and sales leadership, the Brevet team advised on a series of strategic sales organization and incentive plan changes. Our work was grounded in the competitive market and leveraged many unique strategies to motivate and retain this high-performing team.

The company's premium status in the market is reflected in their go-to-market operations. Our work supported the growth of Pelican's brand awareness and sales results.


Sato Logo

SATO America is a premier manufacturer of printers and RFID embedded tags and labels. We worked with the new executive team to layout a path to triple their revenue over the next few years, as they grow strategic solutions. Brevet led dozens of design workshops on sales strategy, sales structure, sales roles, sales process and sales compensation.

Our workshops provided senior leaders detailed assessments of the current organization, market organization & compensation benchmarks and industry insights on how to incentive direct and channel sales reps. Our recommendations drove SATO to redefine their sales organization and specifically align to customer type revenue (maintain, growth and new).

In addition, opportunities were identified to introduce strategic selling roles. Our strategy is supported by a new compensation plan, that rewards sellers for individual production over team performance. We led the reallocation of accounts and redefinition of roles to better align with customer segments.

The new incentive plan requires a new approach to setting quotas based on marketing potential, while limiting the ambiguity and cost of multiple crediting. Our work has helped them grow in their target segments and acquire new customer aligned with their strategy.

SATO America
WhiteWater Image


WhiteWater Logo

A global leader in water park design, equipment and technology needed to evaluate their sales compensation program, as they expanded their global footprint and increased their average deal size. Brevet worked closely with the executive leadership team to assess, design and implement a standardized global sales compensation framework.

The new framework ensured sales reps were focused and incented for both top line growth and bottom-line results. In addition, the sales compensation program established specific criteria to bridge the gap between sales and operations to encourage them to work together to define and deliver projects profitably.

Our work drove alignment among leadership and helped to establish the sales team role in driving margin, while increasing collaboration between sales, support and project managers. Our new designs were simple, improved role clarity, encouraged team selling. while minimizing the compensation administration.

computer (4)



8x8 Logo

8x8 is a leader in the integrated phone and video communications market. We created a new adaptive sales methodology. Our process enabled reps to deliver a repeatable sales experience customized to the prospect's business situation.

Our work with leadership and sales management focused on a sustainable process to help their teams thrive in a high-velocity sales environment. Starting with an extensive analysis of call recordings and workshops, we identified specific sales situations and the desired call flow process. From there, we simplified the discovery framework with more prescriptive guidance and sales messaging.

We reinforced the methodology by building a library of their common sales plays. A major focus was defining sales plays to keep deals from getting stuck. The results led to more reps hitting quota than ever before. The SMB market growth continues to accelerate 8x8 shareholder returns.



Handshake Logo

Handshake is a high-growth SaaS company, focused in building a career network and recruiting platform for college students and young alumni. Due to rapid growth, Handshake was interested in assessing their sales incentive plans and policies to ensure alignment with their revenue model.

Leveraging our SaaS client network, Brevet conducted a customized benchmarking survey focused on sales structure/roles, sales compensation plans & policies and management practices. Our recommendations helped sales leadership make updates to their incentive design and crediting policies.

Our work included high-growth SaaS industry benchmarks and a data driven assessment of Handshake’s alignment to industry and their growth strategy. Specific recommendations have helped them enhance their designs, achieve their hiring targets as the scale while driving enterprise growth.  


Case Study

HPE has rolled out many new processes, programs, enablement tools, and systems to increase sales productivity. Unfortunately, sales productivity across the team of more than 10,000 sales reps had continued to decline. A new approach was needed.

In response, the company put a major new emphasis on front-line sales management. This included leveraging this role to train and activate the new rep processes, programs, tools, and systems. 

An anchor of this model was a focus on coaching behavioral indicators vs. just lagging or leading indicators. This required new skills and strategies for the field management team. 

Brevet supported the global deployment of a new front-line sales leader development program. The program trained core behavioral areas across skills coaching, opportunity management methodology, pipeline building, and sales talent management. Live workshops were conducted across four continents involving more than 1500 sales leaders.

Following program rollout, the company saw critical improvements in win rates, average sales price, sales cycle length, and turnover, with overall sales productivity and revenue increasing.

Sales Manager Effectiveness
Global Account Management


Case Study
Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software, and digital transformation solutions. We partnered with the company's PPM business unit as they launched a more strategic and global approach to revenue growth.

A key element of this plan was the creation of a global key account program. This work included account segmentation and global account organization, roles, and incentives. Underpinning this program was a global account sales methodology covering key processes, tools, and skills training. 

Armed with a global account model, the company's major relationships gained a more seamless sales and customer management experience. This provided a foundation for broadening and deepening relationships and increasing revenue from cross-selling.


Case Study

Walk down any street and you’ll see people staring at their phones, flipping through their social feeds. Hootsuite is a SaaS software platform that powers the social media feeds for everyone from influencers to the Fortune 500.

Hootsuite’s business was built on it’s success with individuals and small, medium-sized business. Brevet helped expand the large, enterprise market sales strategy. 

Executing in the enterprise market requires a different sales motion. We partnered with Hootsuite's sales operations and enablement team to build a custom SaaS sales process and methodology for their enterprise reps. Our priority focus was on improving the discovery stage with aim of delivering a differentiated customer experience. The approach merged strategic consulting and product sales strategies to deliver maximum value to the customer.

The results were significant. The company quickly gained market share with large organizations thanks to higher enterprise win rates, deal size, and solution attach rates.

SaaS Sales Methodology
Sales enablement strategy


Case Study

Informatica has been an industry leader in master data management for many years. As the cloud revolution kicked into full gear, their sales enablement organization found themselves understaffed and over-committed to meet the demands of the sales force.

Brevet worked with sales leadership and sales enablement on the design and staffing of the sales enablement function to best support Informatica's transformation from an on-premise to cloud-led sales organization. Our business case led to the board funding a multi-million dollar, multi-year sales enablement roadmap.

Our strategic advisory provided the foundation for the investment of new enablement resources and strategies to support the company's evolution.


Case Study

Neopost's acquisition of the ProShip software solution further established their capabilities in the parcel and logistics business.

The market for parcel solutions is high growth as organizations continue to expand their e-commerce channels. Our work with sales leadership focused on building a repeatable sales process to enable the sales team to capitalize on the expanding market opportunity. 

The adaptive sales methodology introduced a series of new sales tools to guide sellers in opportunity management. Our training was delivered through a mix of live sessions, virtual reinforcement, and programming support for sales managers. The final element of our solution was introduction of a series of situational sales plays and messaging to support sellers in their common deal situations. 

As a result of our program, the company market share growth increased, especially wins in the competitive Fortune 500 market and expansion of their largest accounts. 

Sales Methodology and Training
Sales Training


Case Study

Rubicon Global is a technology company providing full-service waste management, recycling, and smart city technology solutions. The company was experiencing fast growth, but needed to scale its sales effectiveness.

We worked with the company's sales operations team to implement a new onboarding and skill training program leveraging our online PointForward platform. This solution helped standardize the training model and improve sales coaching through the use of video feedback. 

Using this new approach, the company shortened the length of their live onboarding training session, generating meaningful hard cost savings while also decreasing ramp time for new hires. In addition, this program served as the foundation for a more formal sales enablement and operations function.


Case Study

Saba is the industry leader in talent and learning management software. Through their technology solutions, they transform how organizations engage their employees in the areas of learning and development, performance management, and recruiting. 

We partnered with senior leadership, sales, and marketing to explore how Saba could deliver a differentiated buyer experience in a crowded market. Our solution focused on engaging clients early in their decision process, co-creating the recommended solution, and guiding sellers and influencers in building the organizational buy-in and budget for the purchase decision.

Our strategic approach to transforming the sales process has been met with glowing reviews from both prospects and sales team members. The sales impact has also been significant, resulting in growth across all geographies and business segments.

SaaS Sales Messaging
Advanced Sales Training


Case Study
Siemens is leading the digital transformation of the industrial world through their automation, electrification, and communication solutions. The organization continues to innovate how they compete in a market crowded by traditional IT and networking vendors.

Leveraging the power of its distribution network, Siemens can provide industrial buyers a complete industrial communication solution. The key challenge is ensuring the company's extensive partner network can position the right solution and manage increasingly complex opportunities.

Working with marketing leadership, we developed a proprietary training program made available only to the company's most exclusive distribution partners. Once selected, these distributor reps are put through a rigorous training program that goes well beyond product knowledge. Sellers have to plan and execute in complex selling scenarios, against unrelenting buyers,  all the while trying to compete against other teams in a highly-interactive workshop. 

The program has been met with raving reviews, strengthening the company's mind-share and partnership with key distributors. We've elevated the skillset of the distribution force, changed the customer dialogue, while also delivering more value to buyers.


Case Study

Sportaradar is the world's leading provider of sports data. Through exclusive relationships with the largest leagues, Sportradar powers the largest sports media and sports-betting businesses worldwide.

We partnered with sales leadership to explore how the changing market landscape impacts their sales compensation practices. High growth business in a regulated, yet exploding global market presents unique sales compensation design challenges.

We worked with sales and HR to assess the current plans and develop the new plan designs that will allow them to target growth in key markets and to scale their operations. The results of our work supported their continued growth and reorganization of their selling teams through emphasis on balanced selling across their solution portfolio.

Sales Training


Case Study

Trimble is a dynamic software and services company and a specialist in geo-spacial, mapping, and data analytics. As an industry leader in transportation technologies, their acquisition of PeopleNet further enhanced their capabilities. Working with sales leadership in the transportation and mobility division, we worked to develop a new sales process and sales methodology.

Our project began by redesigning the sales process to identify specific customer verified actions at each step of the buying journey. Through workshops, we mapped the most common deal scenarios. We then used these insights to define the common selling situations and more effective sales actions required to move the opportunity forward. We also collaborated with marketing to enhance messaging to support the sales process. The objective was ensuring value was being communicated and delivered throughout the customer deciding journey.

The work accelerated PeopleNet's successful integration into the broader Trimble organization. Key sales KPIs also increased, including forecast accuracy, average deal size, and sales cycle length.

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