Selling to today's buyers requires a new mindset, skillset, and toolset

Perceive. Pivot. Play.
Training your sales team to execute the right play

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Pivot Points: Advanced Sales Training

Mindset, skillset, and toolset to navigate the modern sale. Our modern sales training is customized.

Elevate the Conversation

Engage more senior buyers and drive larger opportunities.

  • Deliver insight & perspective
  • Demonstrate business acumen
  • Facilitate executive meetings
  • Guide decision making
  • Align to organizational narratives

Situational Selling

Maneuver through complex solution opportunities.

  • Build situational awareness
  • Map the buyer's decision journey
  • Align stakeholders and build consensus
  • Orient on business issues
  • Execute the right competitive deal strategy


Communicate Value

Differentiate with a focus on customer impact.

  • Facilitate engaging discovery workshops
  • Master storytelling
  • Sell with whiteboards
  • Demonstrate your capabilities
  • Lead through the case for change
  • Build the vision with roadmaps

Grow Relationships

Expand and defend current customer accounts.

  • Segment your customers
  • Identify whitespace
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Access new buying centers
  • Cross-sell your capabilities
  • Expand your value in QBRs

Custom Training that Delivers Results

Blended Learning Model

  • Tailored to fit adult learning needs
  • Customized content to solve your challenges
  • More than a "one-and-done" event 

  • Proven field activation and reinforcement approach

  • Focused on lasting behavior change

Communication & Change Strategy

  • Focused on building the modern seller mindset 
  • Aligned to your organization's larger strategy
  • Change management strategies to create buy-in

Training Workshops

  • Interactive and engaging formats
  • Right mix of concept and application
  • Challenging and fun activities and competitions 

Manager Engagement

  • Dedicated leader training and tools 
  • Equip managers to reinforce and coach concepts
  • Blend of leadership skills and practical coaching tools
  • Managers positioned as part of the training model (not just observers)

Post-Session Reinforcement

  • Programmatic skill development continues for up to 12 months
  • Multiple virtual delivery options 
  • Includes technology-enabled, video practice and coaching
  • Customized to areas of greatest need

Content Integration

  • Seamless integration of your product and marketing messages
  • Program language tailored to fit your selling situations

  • Participants see the training as 'their own' - driving buy-in and adoption

Equip Sales Enablement

  • We partner with sales enablement teams throughout the process
  • Internal enablement supported in weaving training concepts into their activities
  • Commitment to knowledge transfer ensures lasting impact

Insight Diagnostic

  • We're committed to solving your issues (not delivering generic training)
  • It starts with the 'why' - seeking to understand the root causes and opportunities
  • Our fact-driven approach uses interviews, surveys, and data analysis
  • Creates baseline to monitor progress and assess program ROI 



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Saba is an industry leading talent management solution with a rich history. They’ve transformed how leading organizations engage their employees throughout learning and development, performance management, and recruiting

We partnered with senior leadership, sales, and marketing to explore how Saba could deliver a differentiated sales experience in a crowded market. Our modern sales training solution focused on engaging clients early in their decision process, co-creating the solution together, and driving measurable business impact.

Our modern sales training impact has been met with glowing reviews from prospects and customers and has resulted in significant growth across all geographies and segments of the business.

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Exclusive Research
Prevent Bad Sales Training

  • Key questions to consider
  • Critical success factors for training the modern sales professional 
  • How to avoid the common mistakes



Activate & Reinforce

Drive field activation with digital tools that bring modern sales training to life, sustain behavior change, and generate better results.

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