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When you don’t have the time and resources, that’s where we step in. Our world-class team of sales enablement professionals, instructional designers, content developers, and project managers bring the smarts and speed to tackle your most-pressing project.

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Supporting Your Team with Expert Resources

Training Digitization

Re-package training assets into on-demand videos and eLearning modules

Onboarding Program

Build new hire training programs that certify and accelerate ramp time

Curriculum Assessments

Evaluate training content for effectiveness and alignment to learner needs

eLearning Modules

Develop engaging self-paced content and training reinforcement

Instructional Videos

Manage the video production process from scripting through storyboarding and editing

Practical Job Aids

Build tools to support selling concepts (objections, personas, competitors, etc.)

Digital Playbooks

Codify a common language and process for scenarios and roles (manager/seller)

Coaching Tools

Build guides for targeted 1:1 coaching, deal inspection, and team training

Sales Content Audits

Assess and curate content for relevance, effectiveness, and gaps

Sales Portal Management

Design and manage content hubs, resource centers, and learning paths

Competency Model

Define knowledge, skills, and behaviors for seller and manager roles

Communications Support

Develop and manage field communications and channels

Annual Enablement Plan

Develop an enablement programming roadmap aligned to the business strategy

Sales Kick-Offs

Set agenda, develop content, and support logistics for in-person, virtual, hybrid events

Global Facilitation Support

Deliver highly engaging keynote and breakout sessions, virtually or in-person

Account & Deal Coaching

Facilitate account/deal ‘rips’, collaborate on strategies, and provide feedback

Manager Coaching

Conduct 1:1 sessions with front-line managers on their leadership plan/activities

Case Study Development

Collect recent wins and package as learning assets or market-facing collateral


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Agiliti is the leading medical equipment management company servicing healthcare organizations across all sizes and specializations. Their services ease the pressures on overloaded nursing staff and help minimize costs of equipment management and repair.

Agiliti selected Brevet as their strategic enablement partner to develop and deliver initiatives to support a wide range of selling roles. Brevet helps facilitate a collaborative strategic planning process annually – identifying opportunities for more intentional enablement. 

Strategic enablement initiatives include the activation of an account planning process and tool, planning and facilitation of multiple SKO events, seller and leader development, and realignment of roles in their go-to-market model.

A unique element of these initiatives emphasizes the role of the front-line leader. Tools and resources are developed to support leaders’ communication and reinforcement with the field. 

This strategic enablement partnership creates a consistent, high-impact cadence of enablement for the field. Various selling roles are enabled to collaborate more effectively and sell larger, more complex deals.

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VIAVI is a global provider of network testing, monitoring, and assurance solutions for multiple broadband communications (5G/6G). They also develop leading-edge technology for 3D motion sensing, fiber optics, and data cloud optimization.

The sales team has successfully leaned on superior technical capabilities and solutions to win large deals. But leadership sees a significant opportunity for growth through business value-oriented conversations across direct and channel sales partners.

Over the course of organic and inorganic growth, VIAVI has leveraged with Brevet as its core sales enablement partner. We partner together using our expert resources and capabilities to deliver a series of quarterly, connected, high-impact solutions.

Recent sales enablement initiatives include the development of an insights-based sales training program, analysis of channel partner productivity, facilitation of Kaizen (Lean continuous improvement) events for key sales motions, and co-creation of a step-by-step playbook for front-line sales managers.

These enablement initiatives deliver the right support for the field at the right time. Our partnership has helped establish consistency and rigor across sellers, managers, and channel partners.


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