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Selling Has Changed - Has Your Sales Management?



Unprecedented market changes are exposing long-standing gaps in sales management. Leaders are seizing the opportunity to upgrade for the new world.

Successfully leading modern sales teams requires a new and intentional approach. 

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program BENEFITS

Success Starts with Strong Sales Management


Fuel Revenue Growth

Uncover opportunities for growth across the sales organization – talent, tech, methodology, and structure.

Implement a Sustainable Process

Establish awareness, competency, and mastery in key behaviors appropriate to your sales managers.

Unlock Your Team's Potential

Map a disciplined sales leadership cadence to foster greater sales effectiveness and team accountability.

Build an Enablement Platform

Equip sales managers with practical tools and job-aids to drive sales success every day.

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Sales Leader Effectiveness Program


Our Sales Leader Effectiveness Program is designed to equip front-line managers with the skills and tools to effectively lead in today’s environment.

With a range of customizable modules, we target the right leadership and coaching opportunities for your organization.

This training combines the latest research and expert perspectives with a practical understanding of the challenges facing field leaders.

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Our Advanced Sales Leader Program

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Training customized to your organization

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optimized for virtual delivery

Our field activation approach utilizes multiple learning modes supported by customized tools:

  • Engaging virtual session content

  • Participant workbooks with tips sheets and activities

  • Job aids, including planning guides, progress trackers, etc.

  • Sales manager coaching tools to support reinforcement
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Navigating Sales Disruption with MEDDPICC

Sales leaders play a critical role in helping their teams pivot in the complex buying journey – more stakeholders involved, greater purchase scrutiny, etc.

When customized and implemented effectively, MEDDPICC equips leaders with the right criteria and questions to inspect deals. This translates into larger deals and greater forecast accuracy.



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HPE has rolled out many new processes, programs, enablement tools, and systems to increase sales productivity. Unfortunately, sales productivity across the team of more than 10,000 sales reps had continued to decline. A new approach was needed.

In response, the company put a major new emphasis on front-line sales management. This included leveraging this role to train and activate the new rep processes, programs, tools, and systems. 

An anchor of this model was a focus on coaching behavioral indicators vs. just lagging or leading indicators. This required new skills and strategies for the field management team. 

Brevet supported the global deployment of a new front-line sales leader development program. The program trained core behavioral areas across skills coaching, opportunity management methodology, pipeline building, and sales talent management. Live workshops were conducted across four continents involving more than 1500 sales leaders.

Following program rollout, the company saw critical improvements in win rates, average sales price, sales cycle length, and turnover, with overall sales productivity and revenue increasing.



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BenefitMall is a leading insurance broker services firm that helps brokers and carriers throughout the US enroll and manage clients. Through a series of acquisitions and rapid growth, senior leadership recognized that the front-line sales managers did not have a consistent way of leading their teams.

We were engaged to define and standardize BenefitMall’s “way of sales management”. Following an in-depth assessment of their sales management team, we delivered a customer sales management training program. This provided the front-line managers with practical skills and tools to support their teams.

The training program was well-received and has become the common language for sales managers across the organization. The company continues to see tangible results from consistent sales management as they continue to grow.


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Datasite (formerly Merrill Corporation) provides technology-enabled platforms for secure content-sharing, regulated communications, and financial disclosure services. Sales leadership faced a set of challenges, including managers being promoted without proper training, a lack of consistency in a high-velocity environment, and the need to transition from transactional selling to value selling.

We designed a customized front-line manager program that included a dynamic playbook, tools, and job aids. A major focus of the program was introducing and training a stronger management rhythm and related skills. In addition, we developed a new strategic account management program to elevate how sellers identified and prioritized the top business issues facing their customers. This approach was key in moving the company away from pure tactical sales.

Unlike “off the shelf” approaches that the client had seen from other firms, our customized manager program was extremely well-received and continues to impact the quality and consistency of sales leadership. In response to the account planning project, the strategic teams saw short-term revenue gains of over $5 million, and they are continuing to incorporate these new approaches company-wide.

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