Are you paying the right amount
for the right levels of performance?


Sales Compensation Design Services

Motivate, measure, guide, and reward your sales team to hit the performance number

Assess Your Plans

Qualitative and quantitative review of your sales compensation plans

Pay Level Benchmarking

Determine how you compare against similar companies and sales models

Strategic Plan Design

Build plans that align your business strategy with key selling behaviors

Quota Setting

Align and assign quotas based on market opportunity to motivate high performance


Communicate the new designs through multiple mediums to ensure maximum impact

Incentive Management Technology

Collaborate with third-party technologies to help you administer the new plans - gaining efficiency, transparency and accuracy


Strategic Sales Compensation Design Methodology

Holistic plan methodology

  • Holistic plan design methodology that begins with your revenue model
  • Collaborative approach that engages your leadership team to build buy-in throughout the process
  • Agile plan design methodology process delivered through workshops
  • Proven decision making framework based on rigorous financial modeling
  • Complete communication and design services to ensure incentive plan is a successful rollout to the field at the right time
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Sales Compensation Design

Unlock Your Sales Strategy

Sales compensation is a critical enablement lever but navigating a sales compensation plan design change is a complex process. 

Our experts align your growth objectives, stakeholders and financials to deliver a plan design that will motivate your sellers to hit the number.

Learn more about how Brevet can work with you to use sales compensation as a strategic lever for growth.



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Sportaradar is the world's leading provider of sports data. Through exclusive relationships with the largest leagues, Sportradar powers the largest sports media and sports-betting businesses worldwide.

We partnered with sales leadership and management to explore how the changing market landscape impacts their sales compensation practices. High growth business in a regulated, yet exploding global market presents unique sales compensation design challenges.

We worked with sales and HR management to develop the new plan designs that will allow them to target and measure growth in key markets and continue to scale their organizations' operations. 


SaaS Sales Compensation Policies & Practices Report

We’re proud to partner with Spiff to launch the 2021 SaaS Sales Compensation Policies and Practices Report.

Many SaaS organizations are reviewing their sales compensation plans and need help addressing the toughest policy and practices questions. Answers to these questions can impact the overall effectiveness of your plan. Find out how your peer SaaS organizations are handling topics such as:

  • Sales Crediting
  • Mega Deals
  • Accelerators
  • New Hire Compensation
  • Spiffs

Click the link below to get the insights you need to drive smarter decisions in your sales compensation program.

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