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Uncover the Critical Drivers of Sales Performance

Analyze internal and external data to assess the key sales performance factors:

  • Sales roles and structure
  • Sales process alignment to buyer segments and deal types
  • Sales coverage model and headcount allocation
  • Sales management processes, profiles and performance metrics
  • Sales enablement elements – technology, messaging, training and incentives

Identify Opportunities to Improve Revenue Growth

Define actionable recommendations, balancing near-term and long-term revenue gains.

  • Integrate customer, rep, manager and performance data
  • Model the cost and benefits of options and alternatives
  • Prioritize actions with the view of maximizing sales results
  • Build the business case for key initiatives to begin execution
  • Establish baseline metrics and future targets and accountability

Build the Roadmap for Lasting Sales Improvement

Develop the strategic, but practical plan for implementing lasting sales performance gains.

  • Define clear roadmap for deploying the recommendations
  • Ensure understanding and buy-in across senior management, cross-functions and the field
  • Craft the communications and change management strategy to enable true behavior change
  • Deliver compelling messages to the right people, in right way, at right time
  • Create specific metrics to hold people accountable through the implementation

Our Process


We survey customers, reps and managers to assess buying patterns, behaviors, skills and deal factors that make the difference between a win and a loss.


Select field reps and managers are interviewed to uncover the gaps and behaviors potentially impacting key revenue and customer metrics.


Findings from the survey and interviews are combined with quantitative data to identify the critical patterns and trends impacting sales performance.


Findings summarized into reports for both senior executive and field management, with clear recommendations identified to drive revenue improvements.

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