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Remote Selling in Uncertain Times 

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Maintaining Movement During a Crisis

A major theme we’re seeing from the best sales and enablement leaders is a bias for action. In times like these, it’s easy to get stuck. New personal pressures, business uncertainty. It's overwhelming even seasoned sales teams.

Too many sales teams are responding to the COVID crisis by freezing. And freezing is the last thing your team should be doing right now.

We believe there are three critical success factors for selling in this uncertain time:

  1. Redefining Value: Providing value to buyers in new and different ways – a new level of insight that’s more about connecting

  2. Adapting Your Message: Making sure the message fits the situation – everyone is in a different place, no one-size fits all

  3. Optimizing Your Business: Now is the opportunity to address deferred maintenance – use the gift of time to tune-up your pipeline and relationships

Especially in times like these, we’re here to help. We'll be continuously updating this Resource Center with new insights and strategies to help you sell more and sell remotely. Contact a member of our Rapid Response Team to learn about how we can assist. This includes a free virtual workshop to review your plans and to share our perspective on what’s working.



Virtual Customer Engagement Strategies

Selling in Uncertain Times

Introducing a new sales enablement program to help your sales teams navigate the new remote selling world.

Selling in Uncertain Times includes a series of 8 virtual training modules covering the mindset, skillset, and toolset reps and management need today. The content will inspire and equip your virtual sellers to connect with buyers remotely in these uncertain times.

The program is customizable to your organization and can be launched immediately. Each of the modules include highly actionable buyer insights, best practices, remote selling skills, and practical selling tips and tactics.

Content will be continuously updated to reflect the changing market conditions. Contact us to learn more about this unique, strategic, and affordable program.


New Remote Selling Skills for A New Normal

Enabling Selling in Today's Virtual Environment

Your remote sales managers and remote sales reps need an entirely new set of skills. There are 8 mission-critical topics you must enable & support right now:

  • Connecting with Buyers Remotely in Uncertain Times
  • Maximizing Virtual Meetings and Presentations
  • Navigating the New Decision-Making Paradigm
  • Optimizing Your Business
  • Guiding Customers Through Change
  • Adapting your Tone and Message
  • Building the Skills of Proactivity & Resiliency
  • Retaining and Engaging Customers Moving Forward


Leading Remote Sales Teams During the COVID-19 Crisis

Out of periods like these, there will be winners and losers. Some sales teams will embrace remote selling in this uncertainty and will crush the numbers. Other sales teams will struggle with remote selling, ultimately getting crushed themselves.

Chief Revenue Officers must lead their teams through difficult times with decisive action, training in remote selling, and clear communication.  

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Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

The Role of Enablement Has Never Been Greater

We've entered uncharted waters - both personally and professionally. But one thing is certain; this slowdown in sales productivity this year will be unprecedented.

Field Leaders and reps are looking to sales enablement for reassurance and support. What should sales enablement do right now?  

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Sales Compensation

Driving Focus Remotely and Motivating Performance During a Crisis

Evaluating how the current compensation plan is operating is mission critical to every sales organization. The recent market conditions have left many organizations in either a feast or famine mode. 

Sales leaders are quickly reassessing their plans - making tweaks to current designs and deploying major changes like more focus on remote selling and remote management.

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