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Develop the Right Sales Skills and Knowledge

Regardless of whether or not your reps have had previous sales training, our foundational selling skills program is designed to train and reinforce the most important aspects of modern selling.  Our curriculum gives your reps everything they need to experience long-term success in their local, regional, or national market.

High-impact Training, Customized for Your Business

Equip your reps with the foundational selling skills they need to be successful in any situation.  Our training contents is aligned to your specific buyers, deal types, and conversation frameworks.

Grounded in Modern Adult Learning Concepts

We use a blended learning model (live and online) to help training participants better understand, apply, and retain key training concepts

A Systematic Approach to Training and Reinforcement

Combining online and live training delivery helps to improve the rate of retention among participants.  Equipping and empowering sales managers to coach to key training concepts ensures that your investment actually generates tangible results.

A Powerful Partnership for Professional Development

Select your preferred option from our extensive network of university sales centers.  Benefit from a professional learning environment, top-tier facilitation, and a wealth of experience in executive education.

Elements of Our Core Selling Skills Program

Know Your Buyer

Understand important aspects of your buyer

Key Concepts:

  • Determining buyer roles in the purchasing process
  • Identifying social styles and tailoring messages
  • Tailoring messages to audience types (executive, procurement, managers, leaders)
Understand the Deal

Assess the type of deal you’re pursing and build appropriate strategies

Key Concepts:

  • Building deal profiles
  • Understanding your client’s value chain
  • Building a call plan based on deal type and buyer stage
Present Effectively

Delivering value propositions that compel clients to take action

Key Concepts:

  • Developing value propositions
  • Delivering effective presentations
  • Handling objections
  • Deliver insights via stories and teachings
Close the Deal

Creating win-win deals

Key Concepts:

  • Using Leverage questions to position properly
  • Delivering Testimonial stories
  • Handling final objections
  • Executing a hierarchy of closes

Our Process


Define the new skills required to achieve your goals and what training is needed to reinforce. Assess effectiveness of current sales training activities and spend.


Translate your needs into creative and engaging content, instructional design strategies, and reinforcement tools.


Ensure effective implementation of training including train-the-trainer options to full outsourced session facilitation and assessment.

Powered by Our Online Sales Training Platform

We have made a substantial investment in developing a comprehensive online training library that is specifically designed to address the limited time and attention available for sales training in most organizations.

Our online training environment includes:

  • Practical 3-5 minute videos cover the big ideas and feature our experts
  • Printable tip sheets can be used as reminders of the key concepts
  • Tools and practical worksheets help learners put the ideas into action in the real world
  • Short reviews check progress as learners advance through the program
  • A final capstone assessment evaluates overall learning
Prepare Your Sales Reps for Anything

Give your junior sales reps the skills and expertise they need to sell effectively in any situation.  Complete the form to the right to schedule a free consultation with one of our partners.

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