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What's in a name?

The term Brevet comes from the military. A brevet rank is a temporary promotion to a higher rank for outstanding service in times of need. Brevet reflects on how we work. We temporarily become a member of your team when you need it, offering guidance and driving execution. The term defines us because it’s practical and focused on getting real work done. We chose to make Group part of our name because we believe our collective power is far greater than our individual strengths.

We are The Brevet Group.

What Makes Us Different


What’s required for you to win? Our experience and collaborative partnership help you define a practical roadmap to drive change and lasting sales results. We provide side-by-side leadership throughout the process.


In the real world, you need a unique mix of skills and savvy change management to make things happen. Brevet acts as the glue to activate strategic goals in the field. We’re obsessed with executing smart, but practical solutions that move the needle.


Data-driven insights are our building blocks. Our research has been featured in such places as the Harvard Business Review and our partnership with leading universities means we bring leading-edge research to your toughest issues.

Who We Are

We believe in being smart, not acting smart. We break the stereotypes of management consultants. Our values of flexibility, passion, honesty and composure help us focus on your situation.


We believe in our collective powers to re-imagine how complex sales should work. We’re building a better way to organize, deploy, train and enable your sales team. Our journey is just beginning.


Sales isn’t a silo. Success requires cutting across your organize to drive change. Our team brings experience and skills from strategy, finance, marketing, HR and tech to help you achieve your goals.

Ready for a Smarter Take on Sales Enablement?

We’d love to share more about how we help clients build stronger sales teams and drive more meaningful customer relationships. Please complete the form below and let’s explore ways we can partner together.

Headquarters: 3330 Cumberland Blvd., Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30338

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