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Symmetrics Group joins forces with The Brevet Group

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Expanding Our Capabilities

We’re excited to announce that The Brevet Group and Symmetrics Group are joining forces to better serve clients in a fast-changing, hybrid world.

The combination of talent and capabilities positions Brevet as the leading sales effectiveness firm, providing consulting and training solutions that help sales organizations optimize:

  • Where they sell
  • How they sell
  • How they lead
  • How they enable

Sales Capabilities

Why Brevet?

Helping Sales Teams Navigate Today's Challenges


The Brevet Group is a sales consulting firm focused on sales enablement, sales training, and services. We deliver customized solutions that help clients improve their skills to sell smarter.

We believe that a different approach is needed in the modern world of sales and business development. Our sales consultants partner with clients who have the vision and guts to modernize their sales experience and strategy.

We deliver lasting performance results using data-driven insights, a collaborative approach, and field execution urgency.


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We are focused on the best key drivers of sales performance:

  • Building a sales enablement function that supports your growth strategy
  • Training your reps to have the modern sales mindset, skillset, and toolset
  • Creating a differentiated sales experience and sales message that helps your customers buy services or products from you
  • Motivating your sales team to outperform the market and competitors
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SaaS Sales Compensation Policies & Practices 

We’re excited to launch the 2022 SaaS Sales Compensation Policies & Practices survey!

We look forward to bringing you the latest insights as revenue operations leaders wrestle with a dynamic economic environment and incredible talent pressures in 2022.

Our questions address the real challenges that many of you are currently facing. These insights and benchmarks can be are relied on to inform critical plan design decisions.

Click the link below to take the survey. All participants who complete the full survey will receive a detailed report.


Mastering Sales Execution

The Modern Sales

Master the MODERN SALE

Perceive. Pivot. Play.

Our advanced sales training equips sellers to deliver a winning sales experience, in the right situation, at the right time which provides essential value.

This approach creates a modern seller with the adaptive mindset, skillset, and toolset needed to hit their performance number.


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You're in Good Company

We work with organizations that have the
vision and guts to transform the way they sell.

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