About Us

We’re the future of sales enablement.

We’re focused exclusively on sales enablement – it’s not a hobby. Driven by data, analysis and years of experience, we deliver cutting-edge ideas and practical solutions. Our research has been featured in such places as the Harvard Business Review and our partnership with a network of leading universities gives us insight into emerging buyer behavior, adult learning and market trends.

Why Us

A Different Approach

We started Brevet because we believe a smarter approach is needed to succeed in the new world of sales. No more outdated selling strategies. No more off-the-shelf training. No more corporate programs that never get implemented by the front-line. We’re the partners you need to make your vision a reality.

The Meaning of Brevet

The term Brevet comes from the military. A brevet rank is a temporary promotion for outstanding service in times of need and was especially common during the American Revolution, when what mattered most was the ability to make things happen, with speed and with purpose.

Brevet reflects how we work. We temporarily become a member of your team when you need it, offering guidance and driving execution. The term defines us because it’s practical and focused on generating real results.

Experience & Insight

We’re focused exclusively on sales enablement – it’s not a hobby. Driven by data, analysis and years of experience, we deliver cutting-edge ideas and practical solutions. Our research has been featured in such places as the Harvard Business Review and our partnership with a network of leading universities gives us insight into emerging buyer behavior, adult learning and market trends.

What our Clients are Saying

Leadership team

Ralph Grimse


Selling has always been about information sharing. In the past, sellers controlled the information flow. However, over the last 10 years we’ve seen dramatic shifts that force us to re-think the approach to selling and how reps will succeed in this new environment.

For nearly 20 years, I’ve led sales performance teams in the US and Asia. The common thread – regardless of whether you’re selling in Mandarin or English – is that sales reps need broader organizational support than ever before. My work has focused on a unique blend of advisory and training support to build programs for the rep of the future. I’m passionate about integrating insights from other disciplines such as design, marketing, and entrepreneurship into the selling conversation.

Prior to founding Brevet, I led the Sales Performance team in Asia for Mercer. I earned a BS in Finance from Indiana University.

Brian Williams


There are enough strategy binders, analytical models, and clever ideas to last a lifetime at most companies. But just because it’s on PowerPoint, doesn’t make it so. Successful execution is all that matters.

I have 25 years experience integrating the worlds of strategy, marketing and sales to help companies improve their customer-facing capabilities. My projects have focused on new tools, processes, and other enablers that connect big idea strategy to sales force implementation. I’m obsessed with not only getting the “what” right, but also the “how” – the change and people-related aspects so critical to driving sustained business improvement.

Prior to founding Brevet, I held senior positions at Andersen, BearingPoint, and Mercer. I earned a PhD in business administration from The University of Georgia and a master’s degree in management from Northwestern University.

Leff Bonney

Director of Insights & Learning Strategy

I’ve spent over 20 years in sales, sales management and sales training in Fortune 500 firms and in leading academic institutions. In my work with Brevet, I focus on designing and delivering training programs based on the science of sales. I understand the realities of the front-line, but also the importance of using more rigorous methods to address today’s sales challenges.

My projects help sales people and their managers navigate today’s complex buying process. In addition to client work, I’m currently a marketing professor at Florida State University, where I also help lead FSU’s Sales Institute, one of the nation’s only centers dedicated to sales education and the scientific study of sales. I also founded the Sales Educators’ Academy, an innovative program that helps professors integrate corporate sales training techniques into undergraduate business school curriculum.

Following a decade in sales and sales management, I earned a PhD in sales and organizational learning from The University of Tennessee. I also hold an MBA from The University of Georgia.

Justin Jugs

Chief Technology Officer

The promises and perils of technology continue to amaze. For more than 15 years, I’ve led teams to identify pain and design, develop and deploy enterprise software solutions for empowering scalable, sustainable growth.  My solutions have focused on leveraging leading-edge technology to unlock process bottlenecks and apply forward-thinking business methodologies.  I’m passionate about creating world-class user experiences, solving real business problems and leveraging communities to transcend best practice trends.

Prior to Brevet, I founded Careified and was a partner at Stratis Business Systems (now Matrix Care). I earned an MBA from The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BS in MIS from Florida State University.

About Us

Reese Bacon


Throughout my career I’ve been focused on the development of people strategies that improve overall performance. After many years and hundreds of client experiences, I’m convinced that the primary role of sales leadership is employee development. Superior coaches build superior players who win in the market.  I’m an expert in the field of sales incentives and change management. Clients rely on my expertise to guide sales development initiatives resulting from leadership, strategy, organizational or process change.

Prior to Brevet, I launched and lead the Sales Effectiveness practice at BDO and previously was a Senior Sales Performance Consultant with Mercer. I graduated with a BA from Eastern University and earned an MBA from the University of San Francisco.

Keith Richards

Client Solutions

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of noise in the sales environment today. My focus is helping clients break through the clutter and hype to deliver tangible solutions to their complex sales challenges.

I’ve spent my 20 plus year career focused on the intersection of sales, marketing and business strategy. My consulting and training work specializes in areas that require effective alignment between all three, including sales management, new product rollout, key account management and sales effectiveness. I also conduct extensive research into these topics, helping to integrate thought leadership with practical, results-oriented solutions for my clients.

My previous experience includes senior consulting roles with Accenture and Kurt Salmon Associates. I earned an MBA from Indiana University and a PhD in marketing from the University of Houston.

Kim Nugent

Sales Talent Solutions

Every new sales initiative ultimately boils down to people. How to attract the right new talent? How to measure and reward? How to drive real behavior change? The so-called “soft” people issues are never easy, but they often determine the success or failure of your strategy.

For more than 20 years I’ve helped clients define the right people-related programs, tools, and processes to support their business objectives. My projects have covered the entire talent management landscape, including attraction, retention, engagement, compensation, training and performance management. And while the right recommendations are important, I also understand the need for speed and practicality in today’s selling environment.

I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. I previously worked as a principal and senior consultant with Mercer and Watson Wyatt (now Towers Watson).

Dimiter Popov


Inventor and engineering pioneer Paul MacCready said it best: “The problem is we don’t understand the problem.” In my experience, I’ve come to understand that most serious errors in business can be traced to one fundamental flaw – solving the wrong problem.

I combine creative and critical thinking to help clients properly define their problems. In nearly every project, I’m the one asking those WHY questions to prevent prematurely moving to the solution. I then work to clearly communicate the solution, always focused on the reality of how people acquire and use information. I apply these principles to help sales organizations communicate to their customers. When faced with complex decisions, customers look for simple ways to decide. Too many options with too much information results in choice overload. I develop the messaging and tools that help reps overcome these barriers.

Prior to Brevet, I worked with an international consulting firm. I earned a BS in operations management and economics from The Ohio State University.

Duane Dennis

Senior Advisor

I’ve spent more than 25 years being a trusted advisor to large and fast-growing companies. In addition, I’ve developed sales strategies and lead sales teams in the software and complex business services space, including firms such as Mercer, ADP and several technology start-ups. My clients cut across most industries, the government sector, and private equity portfolio holdings.  Above all, I’m passionate about coaching organizations and leaders to grow and exceed their customers’ expectations