We consult, train and enable amazing sales teams.

We work with clients who have the vision and guts to reimagine how they sell. Our approach centers on building the capabilities to enable an adaptive sales organization. We combine the insights of management consultants, research-driven training and innovative technology for those seeking a smarter approach to growth.

Sales Consulting

We operate at the intersection of strategy and field execution, using multiple disciplines to create lasting improvement. We work as true partners, cutting across the organization to activate sustainable change.

  • Buyer Insights
  • Sales Process
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment
  • Sales Compensation

Sales Training

Address your performance gaps with our innovative approach to sales training that uses cutting-edge buyer research and the latest in adult learning techniques. Our sales training is tailored to your unique selling situation and delivered in a range of highly flexible models.

  • Custom live workshops
  • Video-based online learning
  • Blended learning
  • Sales training function assessment

Video Practice Software

Use PointForward to ramp-up new hires faster and make it easier for your trainers and front-line sales managers to provide the coaching reps need. Ensure new hires reach their full potential faster.

  • Stop revenue leakage due to poor ramp-up
  • Easily certify reps on key messages and skills
  • Make sure training sticks
  • Turn managers into real coaches
  • Gain visibility into your team’s delivery and coaching efforts

Take the first step towards accelerating your growth