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Across multiple industries and different sales models, we've partnered with large multinationals and fast-grow start-ups. A sample of past engagements includes a range of challenges united by a relentless focus on delivering results.

Evolving the Sales Process to Mirror a More Complex Buying Process

Used buying process research to build a new situational selling process for a large electrical component manufacturer. Activated this new model through rep and manager playbooks, engaging training and technology-backed coaching. Client increased sales rep productivity by higher win rates and larger average contract price.

Leading the Sales Transformation Journey

Guided the sales evolution of a health services company struggling with growth. Redesigned the sale organization, sales process, incentives, training and messaging, and actively led field implementation. This work dramatically increased the speed of adoption, resulting in faster growth in revenue and customer retention.

Improving Front-line Sales Manager Effectiveness

Focused and elevated the core behavioral skills of sales managers at a major insurance firm. Fostered a new culture of coaching and sales management discipline by determining the critical actions for each sales manager and enabling a structured management cadence. This work led to a decrease in sales turnover while overall improving rep productivity.

Growing Revenue and Enterprise Value with Speed

Redefined the go-to-market model for a sports media and sponsorship company. Combined the right balance of new organizational design, process and incentives to better align the sales function with changing market dynamics. Results of the work better positioned the company for acquisition by a PE firm at premium value.

Accelerating New Hire Ramp Up Time

Revamped the onboarding strategy for a leading housing and property management firm to improve ramp up. The new program integrated online and classroom training with new methodology tools and coaching reinforcement. Reps saw a 40% increase in overall productivity compared to graduates of the previous program.

Linking Strategy to Execution with Sales Compensation Design

Designed and implemented a new sales incentive program in response to changing strategy at global telecom firm. The plan activated the strategy by focusing reps across 8 countries on the vital actions to execute new corporate objectives. Our work resulted in a more engaged sales team generating increased revenue while maintaining cost-of-sales.

Implementing a New Organic Growth Strategy and Culture

Supported a large professional services firm in executing their growth strategy. Developed a highly custom sales methodology, tools and training to enable the shift by professionals from technical experts to client advisors. This work served as the catalyst for a rapid expansion in firm revenue from new and existing client accounts.

Unlocking the DNA of the Highest Performing Reps

Defined a high-performing rep profile using advanced statistical models at a health and wellness company. Using this profile, we redesigned recruiting, onboarding and coaching processes to support and replicate ideal attributes. Aligning processes around the new profile significantly lowered sales turnover and increased overall productivity.

Reengineering Product Launch to Deliver Sales Results

Created and implemented a new sales-friendly product launch model for a business services firm. The highly practical playbook-driven process focused on target profiling, qualifying and value messaging using our buyer insights. The new approach supported the most successful product launch in the company's history.

Transitioning to Insight-based Selling to Improve Customer Value

Repositioned a mid-market services provider with an insight-focused sales process to address changing competitive and customer trends. Designed and trained reps on the new sales process, messaging and technology-enabled conversation tool. Following rollout, company saw rapid improvement in win rates and average pricing.

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