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Nailing The Right Deal Strategy For Your Situation

Nailing the Right Deal Strategy for Your Situation

High performers of all types—from highly trained military operators to elite athletes to world-class surgeons—share one common trait: situational adaptability. These people all observe a variety of data points, rapidly synthesize that information into recognizable patterns, and execute the correct response for the situation they are facing. More importantly, they recognize that each situation is unique, so they don’t just “tweak” what has worked before.

A salesperson’s ability to identify key situational factors and use them to execute the right selling actions in the right situations will greatly influence how often he or she wins or loses the deal. To master this skill, salespeople must first identify the factors that reliably characterize the situation.


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Ralph Grimse

Ralph Grimse helps organizations improve their sales performance as a senior management consultant, practice leader, and business founder. He defines go-to-market strategies and leads large-scale sales transformations to implement point solutions such as sales compensation designs and sales training programs. His passion is sales enablement -- the intersection of strategy, execution and technology.

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