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There is no "one size fits all" approach to selling...

One-Size Sales Methodologies Don’t Deliver

52% of companies report methodology adoption below expectation

High Performers Are Least Likely to Adopt

82% of highest performing reps ignore standardized methodology and process

Frustrated with Bad Sales Conversations

88% of executive buyers don’t hear sales messages that address their situation

Emerging research indicates that focusing on a single methodology is a misguided approach to achieving maximum sales effectiveness. Highly successful individuals – world-renowned surgeons, military leaders, elite athletes, and even your best sales reps – are all keenly aware of the situation they face and the right tactics to execute in different situations.


So, how can you make this an organization-wide capability?

Our Process for Building An "Adaptive" Sales Capability

Data-Driven Insight
  • Collect and assess existing performance data to establish a statistical baseline
  • Internal interviews to gain perspective on situations faced by front-line sales professionals
  • Statistical analysis of past opportunities to identify common situations and tactics
Collaborative Validation
  • Live workshops with high performers to validate initial situations and tactics
  • Uncover additional detail around where (and how) we win and lose
  • Identify key messages and tactics for individual selling situations
Tailored Strategies and Documentation
  • Refine initial situations and tactics based on live workshops
  • Develop adaptive selling ‘playbooks’ with prescriptive guidance for field sales reps
  • Equip managers with coaching messages and insights to reinforce adaptive behaviors
Field Activation
  • Blending learning to transfer knowledge and skills
  • Provide supporting tools – facilitation and participant guides – to support broader rollout
  • Deploy a cadence and structure to address the common situations in the future
Practice and Reinforcement
  • Breakdown common situations into micro-challenges that capture the ‘moment of truth’
  • Deploy practice situations through managers and technology platforms
  • Integrate situational insights into onboarding, product launch, and other key processes
Future-proof Your Salesforce

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