eBook: Sales Manager’s Guide to Social Selling




Sales Manager’s Guide to Social Selling


This eBook is meant to help you, the Sales Manager, activate and motivate your sales team to start leveraging social networks in the overall sales function, from generating leads, to closing deal, to managing accounts. It’s time to stop being afraid of the transformative powers of social media and take steps towards becoming more effective, efficient social sales professionals. Your job as coach, mentor and role model in this area is especially critical.


The Sales Manager’s Guide to Social Selling will help you better understand:


 What is social selling?

 How to use social selling to improve your sales team’s performance

 How to replace ineffective cold calling with social selling activity

 How to get your sales reps to embrace social selling strategies

 What social networking websites you should focus on

 How other sales managers use social media

 How you can get started and see a real impact in your sales team’s performance