PointForward for Pharma, Device and BioTech

With access decreasing, reps will need to provide information and educational resources that are truly helpful to providers, not just promotional.

The winning side of new changes

Provider access is decreasing, compliance is becoming more difficult, and the move to digital content is increasing. With strong forces pushing against traditional in-person promotion, sales reps must be able to efficiently articulate useful information with providers to drive results. To achieve this, sales teams must speak a common language, quickly adapt to provider needs, and perfectly communicate value.

Trainers and managers need a solution to help their reps identify different selling situations and practice their messaging to ensure they are delivering maximum value.

Train reps on situational awareness.

Train your team to deliver appropriate messages and resources in different situations.

Enable your reps to practice their skills on video so they are ready when the time is right.

Certify your reps on new product messages for product launches, trade shows or other events.

Easily provide trainer, manager or peer coaching feedback to ensure compliance.

Prepare your reps for new market culture and dialect challenges.

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